Ralf Pawolleck

Ralf Pawolleck

Business consultant, founder of « Crisp Language Coaching » and language coach

National and Global Partner at Ernst & Young Switzerland and Director at Vivendi France, Ralf holds a master's degree in economics from the University of Hamburg. For more than 25 years, Ralf has been advising his private clients and multinationals on tax law, global mobility and leadership development. He is trilingual German-French-English and works in a variety of industries - driven by his core values of integrity, diversity and empathy.


« As a senior executive in consulting and industry, I know the requirements and challenges of business leaders and the strategic dimension of language proficiency. Having managed transnational teams and projects in several languages, I know the impact of a targeted, « crisp » and straightforward language to successfully complete an ambitious project, difficult negotiations and the management of diverse teams. »

Ralf Pawolleck

language expert


In 2019, Ralf started his business as an innovative language coach to professionals and executives. He advises individuals and corporations on learning and communication strategies. Ralf is the founder of Crisp Language Coaching and partners with multilingual business leaders.